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Summer Favorites

So first of all I am going to start this post by apologizing because it has been a fair while since the last post and I know some of you may have been excited to see how my post font and layout will change along with the new updates.

This 'Summer Favorites' post is something I am hoping to make a seasonal occurrence on this blog, meaning in a few months time I will do an 'Autumn Favorites' post and so on with winter and spring. As these posts are going to be about my favorite beauty products, books, films, room decors, clothing items etc of the past few months these posts will be quite a bit longer than my usual ones.

Hollister Sprays
I went to Leeds quite a while ago now, and whilst I was there I bought myself a few Hollister sprays and these were in the scents Vista Cove, Silver Strand Beach and Palisade Beach, although I gave the Palisade Beach spray to my mum. I love these body sprays because they come in may different scents, each of which are gorgeou…

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